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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  January 20, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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mr. megyn up next. she will be talking about andrew cuomo. plea s s s s s s s s spin stops here. i'm megyn kelly live in new york city. and tonight. new bombshells tonight in what's looking like an effort to destroy the man who could beat hillary clinton. is this woman telling the truth? >> mayor zimmer. >> plus a well known hollywood actress forced out of a job after having the nerve to back a tea party candidate. she'll join us live with what happened behind the scenes. and one of the darlings of the democratic party gets caught playing fast and loose with the facts on her resume. the kelley file starts now.
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and breaking tonight a new jersey mayor refusing to answer our questions after she joins in on what is looking like an effort to kill the presidential chances of the man who might be able to beat hillary clinton. >> that was hoboken mayor dawn zimmer running from our camera and refusing our interview request. after she appeared on two main stream cable shows this weekend. claiming that his lieutenant governor told her that hurricane sandy relief funds would not be forthcoming unless the mayor backed her redevelopment project favored by the governor. here's the mayor. >> the major question is did they connect sanding funding,
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hoboken sandy funding to the rockefeller project? the fact is that is what they did. i'm coming forward. >> her proof, her own word, allegedly backed up by her handwritten personal journal entries, where she writes in part, quote, i thought christie was honest, i thought he was moral. i thought he was something very different. this week i found that he was cut from the time corrupt cloth that i have been fighting for the last four years. i'm very disappointed. it literally brings tears to my eyes. and then just a few months earlier mayor zimmer sent out this tweet on twitter. to be clear, i am very glad governor christie has been our governor. i am not endorsing because of hoboken's mayoral race. mayor zimmer told cnn a very different story. quote, i don't think it was retaliation and i don't have any reason to think it's
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retaliation, but i'm not satisfy with the the amount of money i have gotten so far. which is it? today governor christie's lieutenant governor shot back but refuses to take questions. watch. >> i deny any suggestion made by mayor zimmer that there was ever any condition placed on the release of sandy funds by me. >> joining me now, new jersey assembly man scott romana. because she comes forward, she says she used to be a housewife, she just wanted to do some good. now somebody's lying, either the lieutenant governor of your state is lying or the mayer your of hoboken is lying. >> i know one thing, the lieutenant governor is somebody of absolute integrity, i have worked with her for the past 3 1/2 years and i worked side by
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side with her and i can honestly vouch for her integrity without any questions. >> what do you know about this mayor? >> i know her story has got a lot of holes it and the tweets put in august after the alleged meeting took place in may, that's a big problem. her story about not getting enough money, that doesn't hold water either. $300 millions in total funding in the state for hazard mitigation use and $127 million of that was being asked for by hoboken. it makes no sense. >> it's clear, we have spoken with the governor's office, it's clear that they believe she got a lot of money for hoboken, but she just didn't get as much as she wantsed. so she got millions and millions of dollars in sandy aid and she claims that it's not enough and she claims that it was because of this project. it's clear that the governor's
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office engage in the some sort of retribution. and now we've got this other mayor coming out and saying he threatened me. how many more mayors do you think will come out and level allegations against this governor? >> i would hope that people are honest in our state. i truthfully don't believe that the story is at this point for mayor zimmer. >> because you believe in the lieutenant governor? >> i believe in the lieutenant governor very much. >> is that your reasoning? >> no, it's not the only reasoning. i'm looking at some of the holes in her story that came out over the last day or so. >> the tweets that she sent out about governor christie. today she said she thought he was a great governor, i wanted to get the money that i was demanding for hoboken. >> we have an investigation going on in the legislature. now that process needs to be reviewed.
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i would love to have that conversation reviewed at this point. but we need to do that in a way that's going to be a bipartisan approach. >> is that going to happen? because a lot of people think this is an effort to take out governor christie in the 2014 presidential race. some polls had him ahead of hillary clinton, now they're falling precipitously, according to some of the polling at least. some are asking, is that what this is all about? is that why some democrats and some in the partisan media are pushing the story so hard? >> we certainly have some strong feelings about that, we have asked for the chairman to remove himself from the process. he's made some pretty damning statements and i don't think he's fit any longer to serve as chair of this committee. we need to have a bipartisan approach, have a republican and a democrat co-chair the committee. i think that would bring some fairness to the process. again, we want to ensure that
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the public has a belief in the integrity of the process. >> good to see you, sir. >> thank you. while that new jersey mayor is refusing to answer our questions, she has spent plenty of times in front of other cameras in the last few days. frank good to see you. that's the question. mayor zimmer, she's gone on msnbc, she's gone on cnn, she has not gone on fox. we have asked her repeatedly, and it's tough to think, okay, she's got no ax to grind. if she won't come on all three of the major cable networks, why wouldn't she come on and answer fair questions here? >> because you know what's going to happen to her when she does. she went to msnbc with this story because she concluded, correctly so, that msnbc would give her nonstop coverage. the coverage has been not to be believed. just this segment of it. not the bridge story, just this segment alone in the last two
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days, 30 minutes time, 30 minutes on the national networks on the news, which is beyond overwhelming. because she knew she would get that. the thing that they didn't do was to vet this woman, to ask some clear questions. you just brought up some points. michael i kof shows that there's more than meets the eye here. not to look at the record, but to simply give -- >> prior to dawn zimmer, interestingly coming forward, when the bridge gate scandal was just starting to quiet down, it's just starting to quiet down, and she comes up out of nowhere, after a week earlier saying she didn't believe he engaged in retaliation. right prior to her doing that, tom brokaw comes on, no conservative he, and says that --
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>> i do think that across the country, however, when they're looking at long-term unemployment and they're looking at the uncertainty of the obama care, they're saying, got to move on, guys. i do wonder if this had happened in nevada whether it would have gotten much attention. >> your thoughts? >> i think we're losing our mind. tom brokaw is chastising msnbc while dan rather is defending fox. i love this. the fact that tom brokaw would come forward and say what he said shows how out of control it is. th you played this piece on your show. anybody could tell right away, the woman who says she's so troubled about corruption, never blows the whistle on this man. it's like anita hill and her accusations against clarence thomas. and all you have to do is ski that she liked him and followed him for years after this happened.
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i'm not saying they shouldn't have covered her. they certainly should have asked some questions first. a and if there's some duplicity here, now they should start investigating her. >> we'll see where it goes. another governor is tonight stirring controversy as andrew cuomo gets some angry push backs from catholics and conservatives. he seemed to suggest that those who oppose abortion, gun rights and those who support gun rights are not welcome in new york state. >> are they these extreme conservatives who are right to life, pro assault weapon, anti-gay, is that who they are? because if that's who they are, and if they are the extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of new york. >> really? is it governor cuomo or is it
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king cuomo? just ahead, we'll show you how the governor is tonight trying to defend those remarks. wait until you hear this. stay tuned for that. we're also following a developing story from washington as the new yorker publishes an interview with president obama with top picks ranging from terror to pot use. but the -- when the president turned the conversation to race. chief white house correspondent ed henry has more. >> reporter: good evening, megyn, some of the bluntest comments on race, because usually he does not touch this sub subject, it is just so hot politically. a series of interviews over the last few months, this is over 17,000 words in the story itself. and the president was talking not just about his own role in history, but specifically why his poll numbers have been coming down so hard in recent months. clearly republicans believe it's because of health care and other issues.
9:12 pm
the president was saying that race is at least a factor here. so he quickly added that sometimes race can keep his allies on board. in full, the president saying, quote, there's no doubt that there's some folks who really just dislike me because they don't like the idea of a black president. now the flip side of it is that there are some black folks and some white folks who really like me and give me the benefit of the doubt precisely because i'm a black president. interesting, that was also said in the context of the president's suggestion, that may also be a factor in why he can't get a lot of his agenda passed on capitol hill. maybe this has something to do with the republican opposition to him on the hill. the president who likes the godfather movie, he said that unlike marlon brando, that when it comes to working with congress, there's no such thing as an offer they can't refuse. >> joining me for more on this, a 2008 campaign aid for obama.
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and lars larsen, host of the lars larsen show. how do you attribute falling poll numbers while you are president to your race? >> well, the president sees a lot of things through a racial lens, we have seen plenty of examples of that, his typical white grandmother and the tray on the martin case certainly. and now he sees this. anything that he does wrong that republicans call him on and say he's not doing a good job, the president says they must not like me because of my race. i think it's pure bologna. >> mark? >> i think the comment tear that u you're going to hear from a lot of right -- the president said on martin luther king's birthday, to call the president
9:14 pm
race-baiting like somebody like sarah palin has done. lars, you, i, megyn all will deal with the factual accuratity that we -- >> i said between the controversy, and my understanding is is because it was raised as reason for his poll numbers falling. >> that's not the case. because if he were to use this as an excuse for why his poll numbers are falling and say well there are some people who unjustifiably like me because i am a black president. >> that's exactly what he said. he's using race and saying these people don't like me because i'm black. >> go ahead, lars. >> no, he's saying, these people don't like me because i'm black. and as you point out, an awful lot of americans, the majority of whom are white voted for him by a majority because they liked the ideas he put forward.
9:15 pm
now i'll admit, there are probably were some bigots out in america who said i'm not voting for him because he's black. and we all know that those numbers were small. and there were average numbers who voted for him probably as a result of his race. the statistics bore that out. now he has to make excuses because his poll numbers stink right now and he says this must be because of my race. and he knows in some quarters that explanation will be welcome. >> what about it, mark, maybe obama care, and the president being the lie of the year. that may have had more affect than race. >> he has been a black president for as long as he has been president, nothing there has changed. so for him to come out and say that the rise and fall of his poll numbers is attributable to race i think is absurd. >> mark, did you read the article? >> yes, i read all 16,000 words and you know, that translates to
9:16 pm
over about 60 pages, so this was an extremely wide ranging article, and race was brought up a number of times. it would be negligent for them not to bring up race to a black president on a martin luther king day piece. the president said it could be a consideration for some people. i don't know why the right wing are so fix tated on this. >> you mention >> i got to go. kelly file follow-up now on a stunning turn of events tonight regarding the president's health care law. this bill was sold as a way to expand coverage for uninsured americans. 11% of those who signed up for obama care had been lacking
9:17 pm
insurance for -- the vast number of people signing up already had insurance. they're just moving from one plan to another. one of the architects of obama care and one of the authors of massachusetts health plan. good to see you again sir, those are not good numbers. >> look, kelly, i think there's four things you have to keep in mind, first of all, as i have army fa sized to you, it's early, the end of open enrollment is march. >> in massachusetts, medicare part d, there's a big rush at the end. so it's just too early to say anything. and second of all, this 11% number, which is a survey of 400 people. there's 2 million people who signed up for coverage so far. >> let me just ask about you, because there are several surveys cited in this "wall street journal" article and all of them pointed out that many had previous coverage and they go through the names of the insurance companies.
9:18 pm
health marketing agency enroll about -- at a michigan based priority health, 75% of those had prior coverage. so it's not just the survey, it's also the insurers coming forward to say, yep, i'm having the same experience. >> that leads to my next point, megyn, it is true that many people who sign up for obama care will have had previous insurance. let's take for example, medicare part d. 80% of the people who signed up for insurance under medicare part d had drug insurance before hand. but it's still a success. those numbers could be much lower under obama care, i predict it will be around 50%. but we can't evaluate it until the numbers are in and a lot of the people who signed up who used to have private insurance would have lost its if they weren't able to go on the exchange and get new coverage. >> it's 70 days away. if the numbers stay around here, where you have, you know, only
9:19 pm
25% of the people signing up who actually were uninsured, what does that mean? >> i think that would be a problem if the number ends up that low. i think that basically if you say that at the end of the day, that there's only one out of four people joining the exchange who was uninsured, that number is too low, that's not what the estimates suggest. we'll have to see when the data becomes more reliable at the end of the year. still ahead tonight on the kelly file. >> carlos, what are you doing? >> hello. >> oh. hi, mom. >> a well known hollywood actress is forced out of a job after having the nerve to back a tea party candidate. she'll join us life with what happened behind the scenes. plus catholics and conservatives are asking why new york's governor seem to be suggesting that they are not welcome in this state.
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really? says who? when the kelly file comes back. >> are they these extreme conservatives who are right to life, pro assault weapon, anti-gay? [ male announcer ] this is the story of the little room over the pizza place on chestnut street the modest first floor bedroom in tallinn, estonia and the southbound bus barreli down i-95. ♪ this magic moment it is the story of where every great idea begins. and of those who believed they had thpower to do more. dell is honored to be part of some of the world's great stories. that began much the same way ours did in a little dorm room -- 2713. ♪ this magic moment ♪
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politicians and big government are killing our prosperity, they're driving businessings out of our state, pushing welfare costs through the roof and driving our schools into the ground. >> appearing in a campaign ad last week for tim donnelly. the tea party favorite is seeking the republican nomination for governor of the state of california, but
9:24 pm
alonzo's political statement wound up costing her her job. maria, great to see you, this is unbelievable, you appear in this ad, you back a tea party candidate, which i know is very rare for a hollywood person to openly admit that they might like a conservative or a tea party person, you did it and what did the people that were in the play that you were in se to you? >> well, you know, first of all, i have to admit that i had no idea that tim was with the tea party. but i knew about him and i knew that he said he was seeking the republican party, and i know what he wants to bring into this state. and that's why i like him. that doesn't mean that i have to agree with everything that he thinks or my boyfriend thinks. because, you know, i don't li't he doesn't agree with everything
9:25 pm
i think. but he is a person that listens and cares about people. and he already changed his mind that he wants to help students with education, now he's in favor of that. >> they basically said, according to what i have read, they said we really cannot have her in the show after this ad, unfortunately. they went on to say, you have the right to say what you want and what you said is against what they believe. is that true? is that what happened? >> yeah. i'm the one who said i'm getting out of here. i don't want the other actors to suffer from this. they were calling and they were saying that they were going to burn down the theater, that they were going to boycott it. so i'm doing all these things with the director and the actors, this was a thing for me. they don't have to go into that. so i said, well, you know, goodbye, good luck and i hope this brings a lot of people to
9:26 pm
go see the show because it's a fun show, you know. >> one guy who's the former president of the san francisco latino democratic club came out and said, first of all, that is not a typical latina. >> i'm not. >> and apparently, critics said you were stereotyping latinos becausehuahchihuahua. >> i saved her from a shelter and people did an article about me as the voice of the an malls. i had a few tequila shots. and that is the reason why i named her tequila. >> you weren't actually trying to mock latinos? >> i didn't even think about that. nobody thought about that. she comes to all my interviews.
9:27 pm
>> what a world we're living in. >> where was the world, that you cannot agree with everything, but you should not attack. you should say it, but not attack. and, you know, one thing kelly, i do believe in helping the people that are in this country with no papers, but that pay their taxes, the other people that don't have a criminal background. i do agree in helping those people. but the ones that have criminal backgrounds and are a burden to this country, they should be kicked out right away. >> maria, great to see you, thanks for coming on, you and tequi tequila. >> thank you very much, kelly. if you missed our broadcast on friday, anthony weiner made some news. we saved the best part of that interview for tonight. it's the short part. i'm going to give you my thoughts on how that went at the
9:28 pm
end of the show. see what he says when i asked him about secrets. plus new york's democratic governor suggesting there's just no room in the state for second amendment supporters or pro life supporters in hiss state. so the catholic church needs to go? ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] a car that is able to see, to calculate, to think -- and can respond to what it encounters. ♪ even if that means completely stopping itself. it's the stuff of science fiction... minus the fiction. the 2014 e-class. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yeah. everybody knows that. did you know there is an oldest trick in the book?
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from the world headquarters of fox news, it's the kelly file with megyn kelly. new reaction tonight as new york's governor gets angry push back and goes on the offensive as he made angry remarks about those who oppose abortion and those who advocate gun rights are not welcome in his state. >> the problem is not me and the democrats, their problem is themselves. who are they? are they these extreme conservatives who are right to life, pro assault weapon, anti-gay, is that who they are? because if that's who they are, and if they are the extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of new york. because that's not who new yorkers are. >> a former aid to democratic
9:33 pm
new york senator chuck schumer, the host of the chris heins show. is it governor cuomo or is it king cuomo? your thoughts. >> it's governor cuomo and if you listen to the entire tape, he's clearly talking about electoral politics. there's no room for extremism in new york politics. they just don't get elected state wide anymore. >> being pro life or anti-choice as he put it? >> not at all. if that's the only thing you're going to run on, that makes it extreme. new york republicans are close never their politics to me than ted cruz. the chairman of the republican party state wide in new york state is also the chairman of the new york conservation voters education fund. he doesn't walk around the cam toll when it's cold out and make fun of global warming people. >> he wasn't talking about that, he was talking about guns and abortion. and this has catholics already coming out and saying, who do you mean? mother teresa, she couldn't have
9:34 pm
lived here in new york state? that would have been objectionable to the governor? that's not who new yorkers are. who is he to say who new yorkers are ". >> he was clearly talking about the political structure of the state of new york. >> he went on to say because that's not who new yorkers are. new yorkers are not pro life, new yorkers are not pro gun. >> they're not. new yorkers are not pro life or pro gun. >> i mean come on. you know how alienating that would be to the left if you had a republican governor saying there's no place in the state of texas for people who happen to be pro choice, or anti-gun. >> well, we'll find out if a pro choice person can elected state wide in texas. >> you're giving him more credit than he deserves. he did not say somebody that
9:35 pm
makes it their entire platform. >> this governor has worked with republicans very well. he has worked with republicans better than his predecessor george pataki. >> he's moving left because he wants to run for president. >> look at his total record, he's been great on the economy in this state, lower taxes for everybody. >> joining me now for the other side of the debate, mark your thoughts. >> who on earth is the governor of new york saying who has a place in new york or not. who made cuomo king? does cardinal dolan have no place in new york? does cuomo's own father who claims to be personally pro-life, does he have no place in new york? this is stuff who is somebody who aspires to the presidency
9:36 pm
ought not being saying. >> the governor's office tried to rebut everything. the governor went on in the same radio interview to say it is fine, that's a quote, it is fine to be anti-gun control, and anti-choice as he respects both positions. >> you played his plain words right there. i mean anybody can hear it. you have these positions, you have no place in new york, that's not who new yorkers are. governor cuomo should not be telling anybody to leave new york. this is a state that is hemorrhaging people and money. in the last decade, according to the tax foundation, more people have left the state of new york than any other state in the union. 3.4 million people have left new york, taking with them $46 million in taxable income. so, they're hemorrhaging about $120 a minute in new york from people leaving the state. so the governor should not be telling gun manufacturers to pick up and leave.
9:37 pm
and we have got a new mayor in new york who's model for governance is sand nice that. >> he didn't tell people that they had to leave, he just said that they had no place here. so if you can find place to sit or stachbnd, then you can say. >> what do you think about the governor's remarks. go send me a tweet @megynkelly. guess who's going to weigh in tomorrow on this program. glen beck is here. one of the rising stars of the democratic party is tonight responding after she got caught playing fast and loose with the facts of her resume. the wendy davis controversy next. [ male announcer ] what if a small company
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. developing tomgt, one of the rising stars in the democratic party -- wendy davis is defending her record as she runs now for governor of texas. >> reporter: and a big part of the wendy davis campaign -- listen to her back in 2010. >> after i graduated, i got married, and divorced and by the time i was 19, i was a single parent. and i was living in a mobile home in southeast ft. worth and i was destined to live the life that i watched my mother live. >> then in 2012, she testified before a federal lawsuit in
9:43 pm
court saying, quote, when i was only 18, i got married, i had a baby, i got divorced by the time i was 19 years old. she recounted much the same story last week on national television. but the truth is her divorce was final at 21, not 19. and though she testified that she lived in a mobile home for quite some time, it was just a few months. she claims she pursued an education through scholarship and perseverance, true, but she left out that she married a man 13 years her season who paid for her last two years after texas christian university and then cashed in his 401(k) to help pay for her harvard law education. she said she could be more focused. i'm learning about using broader, looser language, i need to be more focused on the details. she claims attacks on her credibility have come from her opponent, but the reporter who wrote it be the inconsistent
9:44 pm
said he never spoke to the abbott campaign. the abbott campaign is speaking out saying if voters can't trust what senator davis says, how can they trust her to leave? texas deserves candidate who are open and honest with the truth. and now davis has come out with a brand-new set of bullet points fog about her biography. >> ellison basher is a writer for the washington, d.c. region. is this a big deal? she said she was 19, but it was really 21, she lived in a trailer, but actually only for a couple of months. >> it's very possible that maybe she was separated when she was 19. maybe it wasn't finalized. >> maybe it was emotionally over for her. >> maybe they had already moved out of the house. that's very probable. the big issue for me is the
9:45 pm
issue of saying i worked my way through college, through all of harvard law school and paid for it on my own. that's misrepresenting the hardship that she had. she certainly did have a hard life, but she's misrepresenting. if you think back to 2010 when you had barack obama's senate seat open, and mark kirk running for it. and one of the big criticisms was that he misled his military career. he said he served in iraqi -- you lied, you misrepresented, you're not trust worthy. same thing at christine o'donnell. it was a big deal then, it should be and is a big deal now. >> she's using she needs to use tighter language. >> it's interesting, the timing of all this, credibility and governors seem to be in the front of the news these days. do we believe our governor, what he says or she says?
9:46 pm
look, megyn, everybody who's done this has run for office. one way or the other, when i ran for office, i ran for the city councilman's seat. i had interned for him. and the night before the election, also i never lied. the records don't show intern. >> i didn't get paid. she lied about me. she said i never worked for him. arthur rydell's whole campaign was a lie. that wasn't true. but i went to jail with a man who's celebrating his 70th birthday? he's a very well to do gentleman. he said all my life what i have learned is politics is the filthiest business out there. >> we're getting a taste of that right now. >> her story is tweel actually going to be a footnote. bausds at the end of the day, it's watching her stand up for millions of women across the country. we know what kind of leader she's going to be because she stood up fighting for this.
9:47 pm
>> there's a difference here's between elizabeth warren and this is saying she's lied about her entire campaign. her personal narrative does matter, because it's the basis -- look at me, i brought myself out of these really hardships. >> having children at 19 is a huge -- [ talking simultaneously ] >> it was a big embellishment. i mean paying for harvard law school and not paying for harvard law school is a very different things. >> in moments, anthony weiner and the one question i have been dieing to ask him. >> i'm trying to understand, how somebody with a secret like that could go on national television and be that cooky. wait until you hear his response. suffice to it say it's the tale
9:48 pm
of two wieners. hannity at the top of the hour. >> i don't know what you need to wake you up than having a hole blown in the wall. obviously the
9:49 pm
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i couldn't believe the hubris he had. if you are walking around with that kind of secret, wouldn't you dial it back a little bit? wouldn't you be a little on eggshells? >> a little. >> i don't know. >> my appearance a few weeks ago on the tonight show, sparking a conversation when i sat down
9:53 pm
with former new york congressman anthony wiener. >> i was trying to understand how somebody with a secret like that could be on tv and be that cocky. >> when you say that cocky. >> show the, i'll show you what i'm talking about. watch. >> you know, you're throwing everything at me so i can't offer any response. >> i get an opportunity. you're doing an interview. so let me respond to my question. >> why don't you just do a soliloquy. >> tell me how is it fair. i am. >> listen to you. honestly. >> it's all on me. >> i was the guest on the show being asked questions. and you're talking over me the entire time. let me ask. do you think that's good tv? >> i think getting answers to my questions is good tv. >> that was horrible tv. >> i don't work for you. i work for the viewers. >> i know, but they can't hear a word.
9:54 pm
>> i work for the viewers. but you try to hijack the show. >> do your viewers care what i have to say? >> that remains to be seen. there's a lot of scandals in washington and outside of washington. you've got bridge gate, with chris christie, you've got benghazi with hillary clinton. when you look at the camera and say i didn't know anything about it, i didn't know anything about the inadequate security over in libya, and you, too, looked into the camera and said i didn't do this, do you understand why people have a crisis of confidence and have reason to doubt the assertions being made by these politicians? >> every situation is different. i handled it very poorly and then i compounded it by being dishonest about a personal failing. so i'm not a great person to arbitrate on how other people
9:55 pm
deal with their crises. we know that reports looked into it, we know that there are documents that say that christie did know. but each situation is different. i mean, i don't think that there is a, i think generally speaking what happened in benghazi was a terrible tragedy and people died. what happened in new jersey was a terrible abuse of power. and what i did was a terrible failing that i owned up to. i can tell you the rule i learned being truthful is always better than being not. >> i'll tell you my thoughts on this right after the break. [ male announcer ] this is the story of the little room over the pizza place on chestnut street the modest first floor bedroom in tallinn, estonia and the southbound bus barreli down i-95.
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[ children shouting indistinctly ] [ male announcer ] there simply aren't enough hours in the day. yet somehow, they still find time to dream. [ timer beeping ] ♪ now 's our time to show our support. ♪ after all of this time, the after all this time, the interview with mr. wiener was an interesting one for me, because when you talk to him about something that he felt objectionable, any sort of politics, like that, like that,
10:00 pm
but whenever you mentioned his controversy, because it was a personal, the body language, it was like two different guys. and i'm not sure if that was media training, but i'm interested in your thoughts. follow me on megyn kelly, and let me know. i'm megyn kelly. this is the kelly file. and welcome to hannity. tonight the president is blaming his low approval rating on the color of his skin. he also says pot is no more dangerous than alcohol. is this a return of the cheung gang? we're going to get reaction to those comments. tonight we are asking only one important question, has the country benefitted under his hope and change mantra? tonight you be the judge


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